Picus Expert Partners, April 2021

We believe that strong advisors and a great network are amongst the most important assets a founder can receive. Especially in the early phase of building a company, input from experienced individuals on key topics is crucial. 92% of small business owners agree that mentors have a direct impact on the growth and survival of their business. According to Forbes, mentored startups grow 3.5-times faster and raise 7-times more money than comparable startups without strong mentors. This is one of the reasons why programs like Y Combinator are so successful, and why founders are trying to get the best angel…

Especially in times of crisis like these, the added value of venture capital investors goes far beyond the financial investment. After all, added value for founders also means ensuring access to entrepreneurial know-how & expertise and providing support in fundamental strategic decisions in the early stages of development. Now more than ever, the first step must be to create a crisis-proof foundation and thus significantly reduce the risk of failure. Capital alone is no longer enough.

More and more people want to start their own business. World-famous tech companies like Facebook, Zalando or N26 inspire with a perspective of promising…

Picus Capital

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